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As well as being clean and functional, a toilet should be a sanctuary with a sense of comfort and indulgence. Making the proper setting is vital when designing a room in which you can completely unwind; utilizing wood flooring in bathrooms is becoming an ever more common approach to achieve a spa-inspired area. So, is having hardwood floors on your bathroom a good idea?

The sense of welcoming luxury that may be accomplished with wood flooring is incontrovertible; it looks fantastic in any space whilst carrying a sense of human heritage and a connection to nature. In Chaunceyswe think that hardwood floors is a superior choice in almost any room, such as kitchens and even bathrooms.

Regardless of the common misconception that timber flooring is improper in rooms where water will frequently be present, we've provided and installed our hardwood floors in baths --with fantastic success -- for several projects across the united kingdom. Nevertheless, taking just a little care and choosing the perfect kind of wood flooring is essential if you want your floor to remain beautiful.


We strongly advise against using solid wood flooring in baths as it will soon distort due to the high humidity levels. Instead, the only sensible option is engineered wood flooring.

Engineered wood flooring is especially designed to be extremely secure and tolerant to environmental changes. Homemade engineered floorboards, including Chaunceys' Bristol Tectonic® boards, are manufactured using state-of-the-art methods that allow them to be utilised in a vast array of scenarios -- including installment previously underfloor heating systems and in bathrooms.


There are generally two types of finish available on your wood flooring: hardwax oils and lacquers. Whereas oil finishes sink into the grain of the wood and protect it from inside, lacquers sit on top of the wood and effectively seal surface.

Oils and lacquers are equally effective at preventing spillages from seeping into the timber; however, to prevent staining and other moisture-related issues, water shouldn't be allowed to sit down on the surface.



Wood flooring has an abundance of warmth and personality which looks striking in baths. We provide a wide selection of finishes that will help create your desired aesthetic. No matter what type of engineered timber flooring you choose, it will be beautiful.


In Chaunceys we believe in wood flooring for life. Hardwood flooring is obviously a very durable material, and -- as you will most likely be walking barefooted -- surface scratches and scuffs are especially improbable on toilet floors. If correctly installed and handled with care, luxury engineered wood flooring should last a lifetime.



When possible, it's best to keep a window when running a hot bath or shower to receive maximum ventilation in the bathroom. The aim is to assist the moisture from the air dissipate quickly. Unchecked, the humidity levels in a steamy bathroom are most likely to cause issues as a result of excessive motion of your hardwood floors.

We strongly advise that you set up top notch extraction fan to help with ventilation. It is ideal to keep it running for some time after using the bath or shower to fully clear the moisture from the atmosphere.


The presence of water at a toilet is unavoidable, but it should not stop you reaching your desired cosmetic. Engineered hardwood floors may be a wonderful selection for a bathroom flooring; however, to keep your flooring in excellent condition you'll still have to be cautious in regards to the quantity of water your hardwood floors is exposed to.

To prevent potential issues, attempt to maintain splashes and puddles to a minimum (admittedly, this is easier said than done in a family home with young kids ). Water left on the surface for too long may find its way through the gaps between the boards and may cause problems if it settles underneath them. We recommend that you always keep a towel handy so that any pooled water may be consumed immediately.

It's also a good idea to use bathroom matts to consume some of the water as you escape the tub or shower.


Keep an eye on your tub and bathtub surrounds to keep your floor as dry as you can. To maintain the water in the ideal location, make sure you check all of the joints are properly sealed with silicone. If any silicone starts to deteriorate, then replace it quickly.


If you are vigilant about any leaks that might arise, you can address them as soon as you spot them and minimise any possible problems.

Monday 12 October 2020

Types of Prefinished Wood Flooring

When thinking about that the final appearance of your hardwood flooring, you will want to the think about the finish, which is the top coat over the wood which protects and seals timber. Damage to a flooring may come from regular daily use, moisture or stains.

Prefinished wood flooring has the end applied during the production process, until you get it. This removes the requirement for you to apply a topcoat into the timber after installation.

Before the wood is delivered to you, it has been passed under an infrared light which helps to both cure the wood and keep the shade undamaged. A prefinished topcoat is more durable than just two or three polyurethane coatings inserted onsite and cured by air-drying after timber leaves the factory.

You are able to install prefinished wood more quickly because the floors has already been sanded and finished. You can walk on floors as soon as you've completed installing them, because drying and healing time isn't needed. They can also be sanded and refinished several times through time, if necessary.

At Floor Sanding Sussex , our prefinished flooring could be finished with a few of the following:

Bona Kemi

Bona has reduced VOCs, dries fast and does not need you depart your house or company while it's being applied to the flooring. Since we have been dispersing Bona Kemi for nearly 20 decades, we've got excellent experience with and confidence in this product. The end is crystal clear and will not become stained over time. The end brings out the pure elegance of the timber it is applied to.

Rubio Monocoat

Additionally, it permits you to color your timber and protect it by employing only 1 coat. Rubio atoms bond together with the timber to make a lasting, streak-free finish. Maintaining and fixing it, if needed, is simple. We are pleased to be one few vendors to offer you this item.

Friday 18 September 2020

The Best Flooring for Dog Owners

If your family, like 60 percent of those in the U.S., comprises one or more puppies, odds are your floors host lots of bellyrubs and epic tug-of-war sessions. In Wilmington, NC, we could not love dogs more. However, dog owners must know that their best buddies' nails can scratch and dent flooring. Additionally, every time pets walk in the house, they bring in dirt, allergens, fleas, waste, and many different other possible'messes'. Additional there's shedding to think about, and of course the occasional injury.

As much as we love our dogs, with each these variables at play, with time, they can wreak havoc on carpets and flooring. Despite the best attempts to keep pet paws clean, it is inevitable that some pollutants, dirt, waste or dander will wind up being brought into the house. However the damage is manageable if you clean regularly (vacuuming and mopping are necessary ), and maintain your furry family member well-groomed. This implies bathing Fido per week (doing this will decrease allergens by more than 80 percent ), and trimming his nails at least once every month. .

Of course, the most effective way to minimize trouble is to keep your pampered pooch in your mind when making your next flooring buy. Here are recommendations for beautiful options that can suit you and your beloved pets, also:

Vinyl and linoleum flooring are water-resistant, simple to clean, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. They are also notably resistant to scratches, dents, and dampness. Better yet, they are inclined to muffle sounds--like the tip-tap-tap of puppy claws. Another bonus, you won't be limited in design options--vinyl and linoleum floors come in a massive array of styles and colours.

Laminate flooring are just another terrific alternative for dogs and their owners. They comprise a tough melamine wear layer, making them especially resistant to claws and dampness. The substance is also easy to keep and clean. However, the fact that pets may get little to no grip on them could raise security concerns--you do not need Fifi to go slipping into anything dangerous!

Ceramic tile and ceramic tile also make the list in regards to the best flooring for dog owners. Yes, they're cold and hard, however Fido and Fifi will not mind so long as you lay out some nice carpets and doggie beds.

Love Hardwood? Fear not--you can minimize scratches, dents, and stains by going with a true hardwood, instead of a softwood. Oak, ash, and Brazilian cherry feature exceptional shock absorbency, and won't dent easily. You'll also need to select wood species with pronounced grain texture, like white oak or ash. Rich textures will mask minor scratches and dents. This implies very little nail marks may blend right in, appearing within this wood's natural texture! Finally, be certain to pick natural colours and to go with low-gloss, matte surfaces. Oil and wax-based finishes protect the floor from moisture in the inside, let for"spot repairs," and they're also a good deal less slippery for dogs.

Carpet is possibly the trickiest flooring option for dog owners, but as long as you devote to a professional cleaning every three to six weeks, you'll can make sure that the tail won't wag the dog...or your carpeting.

No matter what type of flooring you choose, you can further minimize damage with the addition of doormats at entrances to absorb dirt and sand out of the pet's paws. Another pro idea for pet owners? Keep food and water bowls in another room. The dog-loving team in Crystal Carpet & Flooring looks forward to helping you (and your best buddies ) find a flooring option that works for everyone in your household.

Carpet is possibly the trickiest flooring alternative for pet owners, but as long as you devote to a specialist cleaning every three to six weeks, you will can ensure that the tail will not wag the dog...or your carpet.

No matter which kind of flooring you choose, you can further minimize damage with the addition of doormats at entrances to absorb dirt and mud from the pet's paws. Another pro tip for dog owners? Maintain water and food bowls in another room. The dog-loving team at Floor Sanding Sussex looks forward to helping you (and your very best buddies ) find a flooring alternative that works for everybody in your household.  

Wednesday 17 June 2020

The Most Popular Wide Plank Flooring Trends for 2020

Wide Plank Flooring Trends of the Moment

Decorate your house for both the current and the future. When you walk into a house, it's fairly easy to tell when it was last updated and redecorated. That's because design tendencies fall in and out of style, making houses a reflection of their times. If you're considering an update to broad plank floors and need a modern look and feel, find out what wide plank flooring trends are hot for 2020:

Wider and Longer Boards

Broad planks have traditionally quantified between 2-1/4" and 3-1/2/" broad. But you can now find options which are 5",6", or even up to 7" wide. Wider lengths, such as these, create a feeling of a more open space, and also a popular fashion for living rooms and bedrooms. Boards are also becoming more, with a few provided 6′. This eliminates, much more, seams in the ground, opening the space up further.

Diagonal Installation

Hardwood floors of all types, broad planks included, has traditionally been set up either vertically or horizontally. It's become popular to buck convention and install the planks diagonally across an area instead. This provides a room a subtle yet lively design quality that matches everything from the furniture to the wall decorations.

Grey Color Options

Grey has always been popular as the color that matches every thing and overshadows nothing. If you adore the look and feel of wide plank hardwood flooring but do not want it to be the focal point of the room, new gray color choices could be your best choice. This type of flooring is sleek and modern yet blends seamlessly with any furnishings.

Low Gloss Levels

For many years, the trend in hardwood floors was created using a high-gloss finish. And while this remains popular and can be striking in certain areas, a requirement for reduced gloss choices has emerged. These floors may initially look less lustrous, but they hide dirt and scratches better and highlight all the natural particulars of their wood.

Wire-Brushed Woods

The outer layer of timber is the lightest and most exposed. Wire-brushed forests use an instrument to remove this surface and expose the much harder material beneath. Consequently, these kind of floors are excellent at position to abuse. They also show off the grain and texture of the timber in stark detail.


Making use of reclaimed or recycled woods is not a new trend in 2020, however, it is more popular than ever before. Not all wide plank hardwood flooring is sourced sustainably, and it is an issue for environmentally-conscious homeowners. Using already processed wood is equally a green option and a excellent way to find beautiful boards at unbelievable rates.

Set the Trend with Floor Sanding Sussex 

Maybe these trends grab your imagination, or perhaps you'd like to do something completely your own. Either way, Floor Sanding Sussex is here to help. We've got a huge inventory of wide plank flooring to fulfill all of your design fantasies and any home improvement funding.

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Dealing With Flood Damage On Wood Flooring

If you have been the unfortunate victim of a flood and you are taking a look at repairing the resulting flood damage to your hardwood flooring, there are several things to bear in mind, however before considering that, let's look at a few of the root of flood.

Basically, there are 3 types of water flood and these comprise sanitary water, non-sanitary water and what is termed as shameful water flooding. Sanitary water flood, as its name suggests describes excess water spillage which originates from fresh sources like plumbing pipes in the house. Unsanitary water, again, as you'd imagine might be described as dirty water. Normal resources of unsanitary water flooding in the house include floods caused by white goods (washing machines, dishwashers etc) and toilet overflows. In certain ways, the worst kind of flooding is black water flooding, including coastal flooding, river flooding and sewage flood.

Generally speaking hardwood flooring and excess water are not a fantastic mix and in some instances flooding can have an irreparable effect on floors. There are, however, two or three things which will affect the way your hardwood flooring deals with a flood, regardless of its origin (sanitary, insanitary or black). Among the main elements that will raise your floor's chance of success is the quality of its installation. A well-fitted (or set up ) floor is much more likely to resist the challenges of a flood in relation to a flooring which has been poorly fitted.

The other important element that will impact on the existence of your wood flooring in the event of flood is how fast you are able to remove water. As you would imagine, the quicker you're able to remove the water, the better the chances your hardwood floor has of being conserved.

Among the scariest aspects of flooding when it comes to hardwood flooring is the fact that flood water isn't always visible and you might find yourself having to take care of issues which have been growing without your knowing. Flooding under and about wood flooring can be as damaging as flooding on the surface of the flooring if it goes un-noticed and un-treated for any duration of time.

Arguably the biggest risks associated with flood are the health hazards presented by black water floods and the probability of mold spores growing in the sub floor, but in any event, the best approach to tackle any serious flooding on your hardwood flooring would be to bring flood professionals at the first opportunity.

Tuesday 16 April 2019

How to stain a hardwood floor?


Are you currently a home improvement type who enjoys a hands on struggle when it comes to home improvement projects? Then learning how to blot a hardwood flooring might be a job that you want to handle. Let us discuss the tools, gear and measures required to complete the job so that your hardwood flooring are properly stained and looking as professional as possible.WHAT YOU will need to Begin

  • Stain
  • Push broom
  • Tack cloth
  • Rubber gloves
  • Belt sander and floor edger
  • Professional-quality vacuum
  • Clean rags, sponges or pliers

A Spin:

PREPPING THE HARDWOOD FLOORINGYou'll need to sand and wash the hardwood flooring before applying stain. Start with filling any holes with latex wood filler. You'll have to sand the ground three times. For the initial sanding usage a coarse-grit newspaper (grade 36, for walnut, for instance ), which will create deep scratches. For the next sanding use a medium-grit newspaper (such as tier 50). This removes the deep scratches generated by the first sanding, leaving shallower scratches. The third sanding is going to be finished with a fine-grit newspaper (grade 80, by way of instance ). The consequent scratches should leave a surface which appears smooth.  After sanding sweep the flooring with a push broom, and then follow that up with a good vacuuming.

Water Popping

This technique involves applying water to the floor with a moist rag. This opens the timber grain and allow the flooring to take the blot much darker. Let the flooring dry completely before applying the stain and do not walk on the ground while it's drying. Tip:When water popping and employing blot, begin at the part of the room furthest from the door so you have a means from the room.


Read the stain manufacturer's instructions for complete instructions and dry times, and take into
account that the job-site conditions may change the tender time. Be sure to ventilate the area you're staining as far as possible. For constant color, pour all the stain you will use into a single container and blend thoroughly. To keep colour consistency, don't forget to stir the stain regularly as you work. Apply stain to the floor with rags, sponges or pliers, moving from the direction of the grain. You wish to use a generous coat, but you do not need the stain to pool in areas. After five to 10 minutes, wipe off the excess stain with clean rags. Remember the duration of time the stain soaks into the wood determines the shadow of the final product. Staining functions best with two people - one applying the stain as the other follows , wiping up the excess. When the stain is completely dry, apply several coats of polyurethane for a durable finish. You'll have to sand between coats. Tip: Oil-based stain rags are dangerous. Either eliminate the rags in a suitable disposal container or dry them by spreading out the loaf on a driveway or simply by hanging them on a clothesline.When planks with no bevels shrink, the borders can get very sharp, and also cause accidents such as cuts bare feet. Throughout shrinkage with horizontal boards, gaps between the planks can also be a great deal more noticeable than planks together with an micro bevel. Many times, jobs like how to blot a hardwood flooring are best left to the specialists. Together with our prefinished hardwood floors you are likely to get a perfect end and great blot consistency. There are several factors affecting the blot consistency and color when staining is achieved by hand onsite. Our prefinished floors is guaranteed for 40 decades and 10 coats of finish are implemented. Onsite finishing is quite cluttered and will leave homeowners from their homes nowadays. Among the wonderful benefits of prefinished flooring is that it is easier for setup since you merely put in the ground and it is completed.

Wednesday 24 October 2018


Is it time that you change your floors as the rug has worn out? Instead of replacing your carpet with a different one, how about bringing a tiny change to your house by getting hardwood flooring?

The main reason for you to choose a carpet is to give your home aesthetic appeal. But, there are many problems with it. Maintaining carpets is a very tough job. Carpets get dirty as dust settles in it. They can be very harmful to your wellbeing.

Obtaining hardwood is the best option as it provides a touch of elegance to your home, giving it a great look. Moreover, cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors is very simple and time saving.

Contemporary hardwood floors requires only sweeping and an occasional vacuum. Keeping your hardwood floors away from moisture is all you have to look after. Avoid dragging heavy furniture across the ground too. This might scratch the floor and spoil it.

If you want to give your home a stylish and modern appearance with great visual appeal then installing hardwood flooring for your home is the best choice.

Harwood floors are extremely durable and they will persist for a lifetime. Taking good care of them is all you will need to do to make them look as new as possible. You will not have to spend on floorings later on. They supply excellent value for money also. Be smart and get long lasting hardwood flooring for your home.